Participatory Democracy

Erika Portalio
2 min readAug 1, 2021
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Blog #3: Participatory Democracy

Oftentimes linked with liberal democracy, participatory democracy is a whole new discussion to talk about since it provides a different notion. While there are many arguments on whether a purely representative democracy should be the best option for a democratic ruling government, the participation of the citizens is a necessity. However, there are still hindrances that come along the way to fully engage these groups of people to utterly participate in the political arena.

Political participation is very pivotal in a democratic society. Our voices are a big impact on the decision-making process of the authority. And yet there are still some impediments that block one individual to certainly exercise its rights/obligations in partaking in the political field. One scenario would be the issue regarding the behavior of the ‘apolitical’ individuals. Privilege is the perfect excuse for these people. They would rather mind their own business than engage themselves in societal issues because it doesn’t affect them. Another hindrance is how the government continues to silence our voices with our criticisms. They just literally passed a law concerning this issue. Are they really afraid of these censures? Sobrang takot na ba kayo sa mga batikos na binabato sainyo kahit totoo naman? These illustrations only implicate that most people want to actively participate in the political processes, but these barriers continuously hinder them from doing so.

Direct participation is just as important as mere representation. We cannot deny the fact that we, constituents, have the right to speak up and stand with people who were constantly shut down by the higher authority. Hence, participatory democracy is just another key to a better society.


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